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Magic Technologies offers Banning SEO services to a diversity of clients wanting to increase business through Organic Search engines.  Magic specializes in Banning  SEO Services to increase organic traffic to your website.  We work diligently to improve lead conversion to your website. Our agency provides internet marketing services, website development services, and design services to meet the needs of your company.


MAGIC is the #1 RANK Banning SEO Service provider to enhance your current marketing and SEO Efforts.  Magic works closely with clients to determine the best combination of Organic SEO, Paid Adwords (Generally for Highly competitive Markets), Social Media Marketing, Yelp Ad Management and Conversions, and much more!

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When it comes to the Best SEO Marketing Experts in Banning, you can count on Magic Technologies.  Our company has been in business since 1997 and has developed hundreds of websites over the past years.  Why is this important?  Simply submitting to Search Engines like, Bing, Google and others is not enough in today’s competitive market.  Magic provides a turn-key solution to all your website marketing needs:  Organic SEO, Pay per click Advertising, website design, Ecommerce websites, marketing and social media marketing to name a few.

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Have you ever wondered how your competitors are on the first page of Google, Bing or yahoo, and you website is nowhere to be found?  That is because they work with companies like Magic SEO to build their online reputation management and Search Engine Optimization. If you sell products online, it is critical that you have someone manage your SEO Marketing, either internal or external to your company.   We understand, most small business do not have the time, know how or budget to hire a full time employee that manages all of this.

SEO Marketing Banning, We can Help!

Building your online reputation as a successful business that has a great reputation and is able to be found on Google, is critical to the next generation of websites. Now more than ever is the time to invest in promoting your business online.  When we started building websites during the ‘.COM ERA’, getting on the first page of Google was not as competitive as in today’s market.  E-Commerce Statistics show that as of 2017, approximately 190 million U.S. consumers—more than half the population—will shop online this year.  What this means for you, is the opportunity is now to build your Ecommerce future.  and we can help!  Contact Magic for a quick estimate on your online Marketing and SEO needs.

SEO Marketing ROI

SEO Marketing ROI begins with your first client.  We know that the cost to acquire a client takes a lot of time and effort.  Once you have a customer,  they may give you repeat business, refer other customers and provide you with the revenue needed to grow and sustain your business.   If you calculate the annual revenue of just 1 client, that could be the entire cost of an annual SEO Campaign. In today’s competitive business climate, companies need to manage their marketing precisely and efficiently if you want your business to continue to grow.

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If you are looking to increase your website traffic, build brand loyalty, increase sales and build better brand identity, contact us.  Magic is committed to building your SEO and ROI campaigns that deliver results.