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Hitachi America

Digital Solutions Division | Business Solutions Group

Custom Solutions

Product Catalog Development | Product Information Resources

Hitachi US Required a high level of resources and information contained within one page or a click away.  We developed a tabular format for information, which allows the user to view most information rapidly.  It has been found that fast loading websites have a greater retention by 15%.  In today’s climate, competition is fierce and the goal of Hitachi is to provide their clients with great customer service both on and offline.


Magic works closely with clients to achieve the best results. We engaged Hitachi via one of our Partners and it has been a great working experience.

Hitachi has a clear direction of product development & marketing.  Magic supports Hitachi’s online business initiatives and achieves desired goals of Hitachi.

Creating interactive forms help ensure Hitachi’s clients have an avenue to Register Online for products, promotions and to redeem FREE Gifts. Taking the next step in online marketing and client relations is what is important.

Hitachi has a clear direction of product development & marketing. As a partner, Magic supports their online business initiatives and works closely with our partners to achieve the best results.

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Projector Comparison

Digital Solutions Division | Compare Products

Product Compare Module

Comparing products can sometimes be a daunting task when you are looking for specific features.  Magic developed the Projector Comparison module for Hitachi, which allows the user to select specific models, and click, the ‘COMPARE’ button.  This provides a quick and easy way to make educated decisions, and takes out the ‘guess work.’

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